All currently available resources are listed in this documentation. If you have any suggestions for anything more you'd like to see in our API, please contact [email protected] - we will probably build them!

Endpoint path

Slemma API is hosted at

HTTP Request Methods

The Slemma API uses the following request methods when accessing API resources: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.
The GET method is used to retrieve (or read) a representation of a resource users, groups, and teams.
The POST method is used to update an existing resource.
The PUT method is used to create new resources.
The DELETE method is used to delete an existing resource.

Making API Requests



You have to be a team Admin or Owner to be able to make requests. Calls made by non-Admin users will fail (you'll get 403 Forbidden).

All API requests must be sent over HTTPS. Each request to Slemma's API endpoints must include the following HTTP headers:

Header NameDescriptionExample
TeamIDTeam ID131219
SIGCalculated as sha1( + )a214bb15a05b1cde9a1e31d19d0660b18fb37394

How to get your Team ID, Team Secret, User Token and SIG

Your Team ID, Team Secret and User Token are available on the API Keys page on Slemma, accessible from your Admin menu option. You will also see the generated SIG parameter. You can recreate Team Secret by clicking 'Generate new Team Secret' button. Your new Team Secret and new SIG parameter will then appear on the page.




User Token must be kept secret and transferred only over SSL, as it's effectively as good as a user's email and password.

Response Formats

Currently the only available response format is JSON and responses are type 'application/json'.

Response Codes

The following error messages descriptions are valid for any request and any object

Response codesResponse contentDescription
401 UnauthorizedIncorrect teamidWrong teamid: please check your request and put in correct teamid parameter
401 UnauthorizedIncorrect sigWrong SIG: please check your request and put in correct SIG parameter
404 Not FoundEnd point not foundThe requested endpoint was not found.
404 Not FoundNo contentThe requested URL was not found on this server.
405 Method Not AllowedNo contentThis request method cannot be used: check the documentation for allowed methods.

Date Formats

All date values are returned in UTC.

Rate Limits

Records per request

Slemma supports up to 10000 records per request for append data to a Custom Dataset.

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