A Group Object contains the following fields:

KeyIntegerThe Slemma defined ID representing the group
NameStringGroup name
CreatedAtTimeStampThe group creation time
UsersCountStringThe number of users in this group
CreatorIntegerThe ID of the user, who cerated a group
TypeStringThe type of the group. Determines if this group is created for grouping clients or users. Possible values are listed here
TeamAttributesArray of ObjectsA unique identifier for the team attribute.
Key IntegerA unique identifier for the team attribute.
Name StringThe name of the attribute.
Value StringA value for the team attribute.
MaxNumberOfMembersIntegerMaximum number of users/clients allowed for the group. This value can only be changed by the (Owner)[doc:role] (Administrator)[doc:role] of the team. The default value '10'.
EnabledBooleanDefault is True.
SecondsLevelBooleanDefault is False.