Within a team you can use additional attributes to filter data (Team Attributes). The usage of team attributes covers a lot of different cases. For example, you may want users or clients see data filtered depending on what user is viewing the dashboard. By default, this row-level permissions is based on the user email address or individual ID. But what if you have other grouping attributes like people from different departments or regions or your clients which belong to the same company? By providing team attributes, you will be able to set up row-level permissions based on any attribute value you have in your datasets.

Team attributes specified for a group have a higher priority. It means that if the group of uses has a team attribute associated with it, the data will be filtered based on these attributes values first, even if the users within this group have other team attributes associated with them.

The API currently supports creation, updating and deleting Team Attributes. You can creating team attributes in Master team or each subsidiary teams. Attributes are identified by an unique ID.