Updates the specified group by passing new values in the request body. Only Name field can be updated.


  • To update 'TeamAttributes', you must provide en entire list of team attributes and corresponding values. If you pass only attributes that you want to update, all other attributes, which are not provided, will be deleted.
  • To delete all attributes, pass TeamAttributes parameter with an empty array/hash.

The following are the examples of HTTP status codes including errors that API can generate

Response codesResponse contentDescription
200 OKThe group has beed successfully updated.
400 Bad RequestThe Name cannot be emptyThe field "Name" cannot be empty.
400 Bad RequestChange group type is not availableThe Name parameter is the one and only parameter you can pass in the request body.
400 Bad RequestAttribute not found, Key=112A team attribute wasn't found.
404 Not FoundObject not foundThe group with the specified ID wasn't found.
400 Bad RequestSeconds level is not availableYou need the "SecondsLevel" feature to be enabled for your account.
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