Creates a new user object.

Parameter URL

ParameterTypeRequiredDefault valueDescription
send_emailBooleanNofalseIf send_email is true, an email invitation will be sent to the user.


Returns a new user object if the call succeeded. If a Slemma account exists with the email address specified in the call, this call will simply add this user to a new team with the new Groupkey, Role and Type. The user can belong to any number of teams, but can be the owner of one team only.

The following are the examples of HTTP status codes including errors that API can generate

Response codesResponse сontentDescription
200 OKThe user objectThe user has been created successfully.
400 Bad RequestEmail cannot be emptyThe field "Email" cannot be empty.
400 Bad RequestInvalid email addressThe email address that was specified is invalid.
400 Bad RequestInvalid User Type:"IncorrectType"The 'Type' parameter that was specified is invalid.
400 Bad RequestInvalid user role:"IncorrectRole"The 'Role' parameter that was specified is invalid.
400 Bad Request'Clients' feature is inactive.You need the 'Clients' feature to be enabled for your account to create a new client.
400 Bad RequestCanCreate is not available for admins'CanCreate' parameter is not allowed for users with 'Admin' role. Admins have full access by default.
400 Bad RequestIncorrect user TypeThe 'Type' parameter that was specified doesn't match the corresponding group UserType .
400 Bad RequestAttribute not found, Key=112A team attribute wasn't found.
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