Generates temporary user tokens for individual users.


Returns a new temporary user token for this user. This temporary token is valid for only 5 minutes.



User Token must be kept secret and transferred only over SSL, as it's effectively as good as a user's email and password.

The following are the examples of HTTP status codes including errors that API can generate

Response codesResponse contentDescription
200 OKe111f69d-9dd0-89c7-a8b3-86200f9421f3Everything worked correctly. Temporary token has been retrieved.
401 Unauthorizedsig is emptyMissing required 'sig' header
401 Unauthorizedteamid is emptyMissing required 'teamid' header
404 Not FoundObject not foundUser with this UserKey not found.

Using temporary token

For authorization in Slemma use the Java script to send a POST request to a specific dashboard (for example, with the received temporary token (parameter name is 'token') and team identifier (parameter name is 'teamid').

<form action="" target="_blank" method="POST"> 
				  Team ID
				  <input type="text" name="teamid">
				  Temporary token
				  <input type="text" name="token">
				  <input type="submit">

After successful authorization, the target dashboard will open.

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