A User Object contains the following fields:

KeyIntegerThe Slemma defined id representing the user
TypeEnumThe type of the user. The attribute defines weather the user is an external user or the internal one. Possible values are listed here.
RoleEnumThe role of the user. Users of type 'User' may have one of the following roles: 'User', 'Admin' or 'GroupAdmin'. 'Client' may only be 'User' or 'GroupAdmin' role.
CanCreateArray of ObjectsList of object types the user is allowed to create.
Field is not provided for users with 'Admin' role.
FirstNameStringUser first name.
LastNameStringUser last name.
EmailStringEmail address of the user.
GroupKeyIntegerThe Slemma defined id representing the group the user belongs to.
CreatedAtTimeStampThe time the user was created
AuthTypeStringThe authorization type of a user. The attribute defines how the user is authorized in Slemma; The user may sign in using the email address or one of the social buttons. Possible values are listed here.
TeamAttributesArray of ObjectsAn array containing Team Attributes each with specified values on the field.
KeyIntegerA unique identifier for the team attribute.
NameStringThe name of the attribute.
Value StringA value for the team attribute.